Blog vacation of sorts

Dear Readers,

I should have told you all sooner, but I am taking a short blog break.  November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo  for short.  Blogger friends of mine take part every year and this year I thought (gulp!) I’d give it a try.  The task is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month which means I have to average 1,667 words a day.  Which I have been doing, so yay!!  But that means, no blogging for now.  I’ll be lucky if I can get back into the studio to paint.

In addition to this craziness, I also signed up for a week long on-line mandala workshop.  I’ll post some of those creations later, we just started the workshop today.

I’m at 28,000+ words right now and on track to finish by the end of the month!  Wowsa!  I’ll be back to the blog in December, thanks to all of you for your support and interest in my work and ideas and verbosity.  Seems like I always have something to say about something, so maybe writing this book was good for me.



2 thoughts on “Blog vacation of sorts

  1. Great job, although I might speak 50,000 words, very few would be worth writing down. They might not even follow a coherent idea. Much less carry a story from point A onward. You are very creative.


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