The Wilderness of Women

This winter I’ve been collecting images from the wilderness; photos taken by women.  I’ve made some wonderful connections with women hikers (good old Facebook!) and this has fueled my desire to get back to the back country.  I don’t have much to say about it other than I noticed a trend in these paintings.  That is, I seem to be recreating these images with intense, vibrant colors.  Far exceeding the photos sent to me, the hues are saturated, brilliant, strong and deep.  I suppose I am expressing my own personal intensity when it comes to these remote places even though I have not been to these specific locations.  Yet.

Anyway, it all came together without the fuss and drama I had experienced with Spectacle Lake.  I have no idea why!  Maybe I was just in a better “head space” when I got into it… seems like life is on track right now and my own personal dramas have been smoothed out.  So without much fanfare, musings or stray thoughts, here it is, Mile 2330 on the PCT.  It’s the fourth in the series, based on the photo from “thru hiker” Jocelyn (Patches) Songer.  Thank you my fellow Yankee!


Mile 2330 on the PCT Oil on canvas 12 x 16



6 thoughts on “The Wilderness of Women

  1. Thanks Aarene! I purposefully do not show original photos. It’s my own way of controlling comparisons, expectations, analysis. I do enough of that myself while I’m working! I don’t feel that’s fair to the image and I want the painting to be judged on it’s own merit as opposed to being regarded as a shadow of it’s “true” self. Hmmm, I might have something more to say on this topic than I thought. Thanks for the idea for a new post! 🙂


  2. I love the explanation of the colors being influenced by your love for the wilderness. I am happy you are in a good place, as am I. Enjoy.


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