Endurance Night Ride

Endurance Night Ride

This is my first print sold on FAA.  Very excited!  My first sale ever (on FAA) was a phone case and then a couple of cards, but selling the print feels like such a bigger deal for some reason.  Thank you all for supporting my efforts to support myself as an artist.  I’ve finally reached the place in my life where I acknowledge and am comfortable with the concept that this is who and what I am.  An ARTIST!

And that’s a very good thing.

6 thoughts on “Sold!!

  1. Congratulations, Sky! That is fantastic! It’s so awesome to be able to support yourself creatively in this changing world of online distribution. I’m super proud of you for taking this step.


  2. Thanks Amira! That means a lot to me as I value your thoughts and opinions. Your insights and online savvy have aided in my new approach to marketing. Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler and Pinterest are on my radar for the next branch in my social media blitz!


  3. Congratulations Sky, I always admire you and your artistic way of seeing the world. Thanks for sharing your vision with those of us who cannot see with your creative perspective. That is a great image of perseverance and accomplishment. Someone purchased a wonderful moment in time that you witnessed and illustrated for those of us who were not there. Good choice on their part . I’m sure there are more such moments coming your way.


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