Dog Portraits

Her image appears in the post: Secrets and Lies
Elton the wonder dog! A commission for a friend, Elton was another older dog who’s owner wanted him memorialized. I took away his gray hair and slimmed him up to look like his youthful self out on a romp in the wetlands.

Lunch With Scout on the PCT
Her image appears in this post: Wait?! Summer’s over already?
We lost our old boy a few years back, but his portrait captures his attentive regal-ness! Much loved, he introduced us to the world of Rat Terriers. I found “my breed” when Hank came into our lives. RT’s are amazing dogs!
Clearly this is not a painting, but I did make the winged chair! Hank posed so nicely for me, I had to include it.
Howling Wolf
The only acrylic among the sea of oil paintings, the wolf painting still is a top seller of prints , cards and stickers. Everyone loves it… what’s not to like? Awwwwoooo!!
Scout in her little pink coat.
Scout is our second Rat Terrier and has lived up to her name. A fantastic trail dog, she unfortunately did not care for backpacking, still she tried her heart out!
Lisa’s dog
An unnamed painting donated to a fundraiser for our local library, it was purchased by a neighbor, Lisa. Hence the name! Lisa’s dog is a handsome blue heeler awaiting command.
A blend of horses and dogs, this painting (self portrait #2) features Scout and our newest RT, Maya. She is still waiting her solo portrait… since she’s now six I’d better get on it!