Inspirational Art

Check out my Instagram page/ where I update my newest art that is reflective of my spiritual journey. Art and meditation has opened me up in unexpected ways, these day’s I’m using Instagram to tap into the immediacy of my journey.

Fractured Self
Image to be found in post: Fragments Found
Torus Wheel
Image from post: Fragments Found
Metatron Meditation at 3FJ (Three Fingered Jack)
Image to be found in the post: The Mystic Artist
A prayer for water.
Image found in post Fires of change

Praying for protection.
Image found in the post: Integration
Stilling the Mind
Image found in The Illusion of Control and The Mystic Artist
Deer spirit guide found in Light Steps
Dancing Green Woman
found in the post: There Is No Spoon
The Heart of Sky
A mystical experience on South Sister as the Painted Ladies Butterfly migration brings millions of fluttering souls to my heart.
Deer Buddha
found in the post: There Is No Spoon

Sacred Cow i
image found in post: This is NOT about Covid 19
The Universe is Watching YOU!
Image found in post: Dr. Joe and the Supernatural Genius
Self portrait #3
This painting started me digging into directions that surprised me.