How to Purchase

I am currently using Fine Art America to sell my prints.  They print cards, photos, iphone cases and pillows as well as canvas stretched prints. I have uploaded some images, but it is time consuming and I’ve been getting behind.  If there is an image of my art that you would like to have in a print, card, iphone case format, please send me a comment or an email ( and I will upload the image for you to purchase through Fine Art America.  Here’s the link to current uploaded images:

If you are interested in purchasing an original, please contact me directly.  I also take commissions, starting at $450 for a 12 x 16 oil and work mostly from photos.


2 thoughts on “How to Purchase

  1. Where did you learn to weave baskets? I’m in Eugene and haven’t found classes nearby, except those out of big craft stores, which make me shudder. I’d like to learn to make baskets by digging roots, scraping branches, soaking fibers, etc.


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