The Mystic Artist

Art as a creative, spiritual experience

If you’ve been following along for some time, you’ll have noticed that I’ve veered off track from my original blog format. I’ve gone a long way from the “how I created this piece” to life stories to philosophical musings to where I’ve now landed… in the land of spiritual awakening.  My art tells the story of my inner life and this is where I am right now, deep into a blossoming of my heart. A few weeks back, I propped up a painting I thought I finished only to amend it with Posca markers and finally create the image I wanted all along. The Hamsa painting turned out so well, I did it again with the work shown below. While working, instead of my usual music, I listened to podcasts of Ram Dass and Alan Watts along with a few more “out there” interviews with people travelling rapidly on their spiritual paths… it was inspirational! I included the “before” image so you can see the change. If it looks familiar, I used this painting on a post from July.

move the slider to see the before and after image
Stilling the Mind

Lately I’ve been thinking a great deal about how the actual ACT of creating art lends oneself to the spiritual experience.  That art and spirit are linked in a deep way beyond what we see on the surface.  I’m starting to see that the action of creation is fundamentally and profoundly an action of divinity. When one creates something from nothing; see’s something organized where before was only chaos, that this action is like THE cosmic creator and links the artist to the creative and energetic force of the Universe.

Thus, the artist hears inspiration and in answering the call of spirit, is transformed into the vessel by which the song of the Universe pours forth for all to hear.  And so is born the Mystic Artist. Through which poetry and music flow, imagery reflects the real and the imaginary alike.

Merkaba Meditation at 3F Jack

2020 has been quite the ride. The energy of the planet is shifting and I feel something vast and profound. Now is the time to remember who we are inside and to foster love, compassion and kindness. Honor your heart and hold onto the light. We will weather this storm together, I’m sure of it!

Beyond sharing what I am hearing and then painting, I set out a challenge to you all: take the time to draw or create something every day… it doesn’t have to be time consuming, just create every single day for a month.  This small act will change you.  It will ground your energy, connect you to something larger than yourself and expand your mind.  And to back up my belief in the transformative powers of creation, if you do this, and then write to me about it, I will send you a signed card or print (5×7) of ANY painting on this blog (your choice) for FREE.  Write me about your experience ( and include a photo of all you created (a group shot is best) and tell me how it’s transformed your life. I’m sure it will! Great stories will be featured on the blog, maybe even some of your work.  This will be an exciting experiment; I’m looking forward to hearing from YOU!

Namaste dear souls ❤

Sweet Earth Show

Sweet Earth Vineyard show 2014:


I wound up with this corner to myself. Center table for my prints and cards, then sheets over cases of wine made a good display for the chairs and paintings.

Last saturday was my first show in a vineyard.  Well, actually we were in the  cold storage room at the vineyard.  Thank goodness because it was HOT as hell outside!  But only if you definition of hell is in the mid 90’s.  That works for me as my melting point is 90.  I am no good in a sauna, a sweat lodge or most hot tubs.  I am good with snow, but we won’t see much of that for the next few months.


Art Show at Sweet Earth Vineyard was wonderful!

One of the great things about showing is getting a chance to meet your audience and other artists. It’s always nice to sell a piece or two as well as  swap ideas about technique and marketing. Making these kind of connections is worth the effort. One of my fellow artists had seen my winged chairs on my blog!  I was thrilled… looks like my work is being seen.  Which is in keeping with my personal philosophy of art… it’s meant to be shared and seen.  If you are an artist trying to make it on your own, you need to market yourself.  Not always a task artistic minds are willing or even able to do.


Old friends and new stopped by!

My display at the show.  All the hard work paid off.

My display at the show. All the hard work paid off.

Even though the show ran from noon to 5, it was weeks in the making.  Or years if you go back to when I actually painted a few of the pieces.  Then there were days spent getting ready for a 5 hour show.  The matting of prints, reframing certain pieces, going over my inventory, creating and finishing  new work.  After which it was pack for the show, haul to the show, unpack and set up…. do the show then pack up and go home and put it all away. A mighty effort!


The Winged Chairs got sat on! Thanks to my dear friend, Danette P. who worked on staging with me.



Tot sized chair.

It was fun seeing people’s reactions.  They really got a kick out of sitting in the chairs.  The few times I demonstrated how sitting in the chair did something to the work itself  (by actually sitting down) the reactions were priceless!  Most were surprised at how I had suddenly sprouted wings.  They had to give it a try.

Just give it a try!

Great shirt, adds to the piece!


Laurie H. makes the chair work.

I do find it hard sometimes to figure out what people want and then weigh that against what I want to create.  As an example, the winged chairs make people happy but should I keep making them?  Do I have room to store them all?  Should I take my friend’s advice and sell them or better still, donate them to a children’s hospital?  Now that the idea has taken flight, where should they fly to?

I’m currently trying not to worry about the big picture.  I think it will come to me eventually.  Having spent much of my art career considering what to create that will SELL, I am forging new pathways in my mind.  I’m now focusing on creating for the sake of my SOUL.  Creating as a form of expression, a link to my self, a personal journey.  And along the way, I’ll be happy to sell a card or print or portrait.  Monetary compensation is a form of appreciation and does much to keep the artist (or anyone for that matter!) motivated.

If you are interested in any art seen on my blog, feel free to contact me of course… I have prints and cards for sale. I’ve done Etsy in the past, but you have to really work that site to keep it going and you have to provide your own materials (prints and shipping).  But soon I’ll be on an art print site where you can order directly the size you want, including frames.  I promise to post that link as soon as it happens.

Melding the artist mind with the business mind is tough.  Right now, all I’m thinking about is getting back to my easel.  I have an idea that needs painting!