Wait! It’s summer already?!

Dear lovely readers,

Summer came in and hit the PNW with a bang.  We had some record heat early on and before I knew it, I was gardening, mowing, riding horses, camping and doing everything BUT getting into the studio.  Just wanted to let you know I was still around, but not painting.  I have been working on a piece, (another in the Wilderness of Women series) but with so much to do (and a short window of summertime opportunity to do it in) it’s going to be awhile before I post new art.  In the meantime…. I want to share the summer studio with you all and beg a bit of forgiveness while I get out there, live life and make some memories.  Blogging all my new work will have to wait until the weather turns rainy and cold, and I actually make some new art.  Funny how I never paid attention before to my creative processes before starting this blog.  Now I see, how clearly seasonal my muse seems to be!  Apparently she’s on vacation, because even the days I get into the studio, she doesn’t seem interested in showing up and helping a girl out.


Well, she’ll turn up eventually.  And as soon as she does, I’ll post again!  Till then, the garden will have to suffice.