Light Steps


Spirit Deer

A deer lightly steps upon a glowing moon-pool of light.  She moves cautiously, treading softly into the opening within a forest of antlers. This is a magical night of power and wisdom.  A night full of spirits where danger and safety are the same;  in this reality, there is no difference.  Yin and Yang, Black and White, Up and Down, Left and Right… all parts of the same life force energy that animates and binds us together.  We are one, the moon guides us, the light shows our steps, the darkness defines the light, the light dispels the darkness.

Go forth wise deer, go forth wise soul, go forth and do good, do bad, do nothing, do everything, there is no judgement in your doing. In the All That Is, everything is encompassed.  There is room for every kind of every… in the ALL.

The illusion of control is revealed for the illusion it is… all we truly own is our choices.  Our choices define us as radiant in the light, or robed in darkness, lingering in the shadows.  Our choices set forth ripples, so choose wisely deer one. Choice is what is dear.