Upcoming events

This page is dedicated to upcoming shows and events.  I will update this page as necessary, but for now, just scroll to the bottom for most recent happenings.  I don’t do a lot of shows, so it shouldn’t take long.

Lecture Presentation:  The Wilderness of Women

The art of Sky Evans, Hiker/Backpacker/ Blogger and Wilderness Painter. Join us for an evening of Art and Stories from the Pacific Crest Trail.

Eugene, OR @ REI  April 25th 7 PM

Clackamas @ REI (Portland, OR) April 27th 6:30 PM

Medford, OR @ REI  May 4th 6:30 PM

Here’s the REI description:
As an avid hiker, Sky has traversed thousands of miles of trail, from hidden Coast Range deer paths to Oregon sections of the PCT. Back in her studio, inspired by the wilderness and woods, she recreates her experiences in paint. Here is a glimpse into the mind of an artist and her work portraying the much loved Pacific Crest Trail. Along with stories and images from her SOBO (south bound) solo hike last summer (OR Sections G, F and E) Sky will share her latest project: The Wilderness of Women, a collection of paintings from the PCT and beyond. The WOW series is based on photos of the trail taken by herself and other women hikers. “ I was intrigued by all the women hikers who were quietly accomplishing these gigantic, epic journeys. Thousands of miles of trail, day after day. They posted wonderful pictures of their adventures, blogged epic stories and eagerly shared their joy of wild places. I started the series after following a thru-hiker on line. The resulting paintings are vivid and bright, depicting the intense emotion I feel myself when on the trail. Hiking a long trail is hard, but it’s also uplifting and fulfilling and simply awesome in the deepest sense of the word.”



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