I’m an artist and I always have been.  I’m a painter, a muralist, a found object sculptor, a basket weaver, a crafter and a sign maker. I’ve also been a teacher, a student, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a horsewoman, a dog person,  an employee,  a contractor, a business owner, a builder,  a lover of cartography, an art student, an engineering student, a hiker, a backpacker, an endurance rider, a writer, a reader.  I think I could add to this list, but it’s starting to look  a bit like a messy life.  Obviously my interests are varied and some springboard from others, while some, like the engineering, came out of the blue like a runaway train.  Though like a train, really, you could hear it from a long ways off.

My blog’s “raison de etre”  is to show my art, my process and my work.   But some background information seemed like a good idea, so here are the pier blocks that we will build upon: 2  Degrees  in Art, Education, and a certificate in Civil Engineering Technology.  (That last one was to prove to myself I was smart enough to understand math and physics. I was and I did.)

I’ve done numerous art fairs and festivals, a little gallery showing and at one point joined the local artists guild as well as served on the county board of the Oregon Cultural trust.  Currently uninvolved in any art based group as committees and such make me feel like someone is dragging their nails on a chalkboard.  I shudder, then I want to run screaming.   I don’t know what that says about me… something revealing, I’m sure.

I live in rural Oregon with my husband, my horses, a couple of dogs and a flock of chickens.  And it’s here that I paint. Welcome to my studio.

lastdownload 2158


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    • Thanks!! I think the comment bar is at the very top of each post. It’s weird… I should figure out how to change that. New to this blogging thing but really loving it. Thanks again for your comments, I will check out your blog too!


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