The Golden Chair

Chair two took twice as long.  I hope this isn’t a trend.  The last big problem wound up being color… I couldn’t find just the right color for the chair itself.  But after some experimentation and blending, I got it.  So, without further ado, here it is!

The Golden Chair!

The Golden Chair!

So far, here is the family of winged chairs.  For your imagination to play. Fly!!

Fun in the sun.

Fun in the sun.

2 thoughts on “The Golden Chair

  1. I really like the image of the winged chairs on the grassy lawn. Kind of surreal to my eye. They look really cool, especially side by side.


  2. Thanks Joe! They do look pretty wild on the lawn. Like they just came in for a landing and maybe they’ll hang around for awhile. Unless the dogs scare them off. But then again, they don’t seem to mind dogs.


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